Worlds Most Advanced Contact Tracing Network

We are on a mission to allow organizations across multiple domains to plug into a single global contact tracing network while allowing them adhere to their own privacy policies and applicable healthcare-data regulations. We deploy a hybrid backend architecture that leverages permissive blockchain technology.

The solution is delivered by utilizing our SDK to integrate our API in your existing enterprise mobile app or via a customizable light-weight Viri app.

The platform is completely customizable to your specifications.




Deployment Options

Any app with Viri SDK/API

Fast & Seamless On-boarding
Immediate adoption

Independent Viri App

• Highly Customizable
• Lightweight
• Ready Now

Clear And Concise Status Reporting

Viri uses custom Exposure Notification technology (Apple & Google Exposure Notification API's are available to qualifying institutions) to detect and notify if you may have crossed path with a COVID-19 positive person within the past 3 weeks - which is the maximum incubation time for COVID-19 while ensuring anonymity and preserving privacy of all parties involved.

Viri is easy to understand and defaults with SIX status cards, each with it's own cascading logic and is changeable only by the assigned authority using our customizable Healthcare Portal.

A Simple And Intelligent Actionable Portal

Authorized individuals can change status when a person has tested positive for COVID-19. Changing a users status to "Positive" automatically changes the status for all of their 1st degree connections in the past 2 weeks to "Red - Self Isolate" and all their 2nd degree connections to "Amber - Consider Isolation". The portal also allows them to send notifications to those affected, tremendously reducing costs associated with physical contact tracing methods.

Stay Ahead of The Curve

Viri's Healthcare Portal not just provides actionable data but using ML also provides insights on possible future hotspots allowing the national and local authorities to thwart the outbreak before it even begins.

Decentralized Foundations

Viri is built on basis of decentralization. If, at anytime collecting personal identifying information is deemed necessary, Viri is ready and able to use private permissioned blockchain technology to store and retrieve user data.

Privacy is paramount and we are built for it.

Scalable And Built to Integrate Across Continents

Global problems require global solutions. We believe this is a time that all organizations, countries and continents must work together. Local, Sate or National governments having their own solution is counterproductive to contact tracing in a fast paced world where transportation and traveling is critical to businesses and the economy. People traveling and crossing paths with others who may not be using the same platform defies logic. Viri aims to bridge that gap by providing the same platform on a global scale making contact tracing possible across countries.

Governments, Foundations, Schools and Enterprises, we've got you covered.

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